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November 17, 2012



I will allow your “phantom scandal” comment on Benghazi to simmer until the dust clears and I will retrieve it at the proper moment for you. No charge. My treat. Consider that it was republicans lead by Goldwater, Baker and others who drove Nixon from office for the cover up of a, compared to Benghazi, minor event. Perhaps there are senators of that same level of character among today’s democrats. Do you think that might be possible? We are all going to witness just how much this country has really changed.

That you believe Taibbi is spot on about anything speaks poorly of your judgment. He is a gaping a--hole by pure definition. Of course I have watched you sing the praises of other socialists like Krugman so I guess I am really not surprised; only disappointed. Your generalization about democratic and republican economies is typically Swiss cheese. If one looked objectively at the Clinton economy pre and post Jan 95 when republicans took control of congress, then looked at the Bush economy pre and post Jan 2007 when the dems took control, the numbers scream off the pages. However when the facts do not fit the narrative it is wise to ignore or excoriate them. Historically speaking, no democratically controlled congress has balanced the budget since 1969 and any accounting historian writes that the 69 balance was an accounting shell game perpetrated by the Johnson administration to hide the real cost of the Vietnam war. So the real date is probably earlier than 1959. All the broad generalizations fly in the face of these simple facts and we would all be better off if government would simply remove its finger from the pot and allow market forces to work.

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