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October 14, 2012


Rick - Lord of the rift and a river to my people

I had completely forgotten that I had dropped you a note in August. You were bookmarked back in the day, so I could read your rants every few days and attempt to correct your thinking. I have marked you again and will return to my old ways and try my best to keep you from drinking the Kool Aid. Judging from your last couple of posts, that will not be any easier today. You know what Churchill said. So, I am always hopeful that the light will reveal itself to you.
Lamb is the last thing I had on the grill. I debone the leg and truss it back into shape then marinade it with olive oil, garlic, fresh ginger, rosemary, balsamic and some other things for 24 hours and turn it on my outdoor rotisserie for an hour and 20 minutes. It’s a South African recipe that I picked up.
I could feed you lamb and a nice selection of adult drinks and turn you into a card carrying conservative in one afternoon. Before you know it you’d be at the courthouse applying for your concealed carry permit.


I was just wondering how one can mention tax credits for oil companies without discussing tax credits, unsecured loans and out and out grants to green energy scams and debacles which amount to the equivilant of hundreds of years oil industry credits?? As always, these points are clearer and more obvious to you than a simple man such as myself.


Great to hear from you. I see you haven't lost your knack for obscuring the point. I mentioned oil subsidies only to discuss the Koch Bros preference for Romney over Obama. Do you think I am wrong that the Koch boys would do better in terms of federal support for their essentially fossil fuel based enterprises if Romney were elected than if Obama is reelected? At the same time, your argument that oil has been less supported, or has had less scams and debacles, than green energy is of course a great joke. Along the lines of your description of a simple man, one who can grill a leg of as mouth-wateringly (?) as you describe.


The only time I ever hear of the Koch brothers is when the left complains that they are still the boogey men living in their closets and scaring them when they get dressed for school. But it is refreshing to hear of them again. Many thanks for the fond memories.

On the subject of green energy; I had a few hours to kill over the summer and I thought I would find out how long the batteries for the Chevy volt were expected to last and how much it would cost to dispose and replace and all those other pesky little questions that a conservative kind of consumer might find interesting. I called three dealerships with no answers and then went to work with Google. Nothing! I was able to find some info on the Nissan leaf after several hours and thought that the costs might be somewhat similar. They are equipped in a pack of 48 that can be replaced at about $650 per battery or a total cost of just over $31,000. I found no info on disposal. It is a moot issue now as GM folded and closed their battery production facility sticking you and me with another $200 mil. Boy, how much lamb would that buy? But I guess that hardly qualifies as a boondoggle, at least comparatively speaking. Out here in the interior we need cars to get from place to place and it sure would be nice to just drill beneath our feet instead of sending $30 billion a year to all those bastards that hate our guts. Or, do they like us a lot more these days? I get terribly confused. But you’ll be able to clear all these things up for me now.

I once gave you a standing invitation for lamb and a visit. That still is wide open.


I was pleased to read your assessment on Thomas Freidman. I could not have said it any better myself. Perhaps there is hope for you after all.

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