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August 12, 2012


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i like your posting thanks..


How goes it my old friend? I hope life is treating you well. I know it was difficult for you and I am hopefull that grieving has turned into fond memeories by now. I would a get a kick out of the fact that she would side with me from time to time and insist that you go easy. Are you still on 7th? I drive by occasionally on my way from the stage. I lost your email address in a hard drive crash a couple of years back and you rarely post anymore.



Really great to hear from you Rick -
and appreciate your kind words. I am largely recovered, still at Seventh & 13th, and hope to get more involved again in blogging.
Sheila was pretty flawless, except for a few faults, and occasionally agreeing with you was definitely one of them.
Looking forward to reestablishing our friendship -
What are you putting on the barbecue tonight?
Hoping all is well with you,


As we get nearer to Father's Evening once again this coming year we all believed it could be entertaining to jump to the wayback machine, return back in time to see exactly what the most favored Dad's Day presents had been for each ten years starting with the actual 20's.
The Seventies is most beneficial remembered for that creation with the game and shade Tv set. That takes note of the actual Magnavox Journey or the Atari Pong? It's alright to confess that you had one, just not in the event that entrance of one's kids. Exactly where might video gaming be if it wasn't regarding Atari? The Seventies observed governmental turmoil australia wide along with the Us all as well as in Nineteen seventy four Sydney eliminated its White Australia Plan. I suppose an individual forgot to inform Pauline Hanson. The actual 70's have been forgettable in the style pegs along with velure sweaters, bell bottom part flaired jeans and dark brown was awesome??? Therefore along with daggy strongly in your mind the most effective promoting Dad's Day gift ideas in the 1970's had been soap on the piece of string and dreadful smelling after get rid of lotions.
In the roaring 20's it was an exciting, prosperous and peaceful period having surfaced from Globe War ,1} audio and also grooving appeared to be all the rage. The actual Ragtime within Harlem had been lead by the past due, great Willie "The Lion" Jones not to mention the particular Charleston was at it is most favored. Dressing had been all the proceed and also the most popular Dads Day gifts has been the humble tie referred to as the actual oxygen restricting knot.
The actual 1930's started in in an instant in the form of The Great Despression symptoms. The Stock Market accident having took place on March 29 1929. What can people perform if the planet around these appears gray with a bleak future? Sure, they dance and also sing. The particular 1930 gave us all the any lively half a dozen beat alternative associated with swing songs known as the jitterbug from the group innovator Pickup truck's cab Calloway as he introduced any stay tuned 1934 entitled "Jitterbug". Obviously the actual 30's furthermore released 'talkies' you heard right, movies with appear. Typically the most popular Dad's Day presents had been of course very basic as a result of Excellent Depressive disorders and had been family members images imprinted about fabric.
Can anyone remember the Sixties? It is said that if you do, you're probably not presently there. Yes your brain bending 1960's noticed Hippies, Woodstock, medications, sex as well as rock and roll 'n' roll was never going to perish! Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan The particular Beatles, The Moving Gemstones amazing, such a 10 years. Once more i was at war, this time inside Vietnam. However the greatest occasions that took place within the 1960's has been possibly Rosa Parkes and also the start of municipal privileges motion or perhaps certainly Gentleman obtaining around the Moon within 1969. Daddy,s remained somewhat daggy inside the 1960's and so were the actual gifts so the most favored Dads Day time gift ideas have been clothes, jocks and hankies.
The actual 80's arrived about and sawPacman and also Nintendo's creative designers making use of their Mario Brothers Andre Johnson jersey go up to be able to popularity, as well as awareness of Helps. Musically we'd the mobile phone industry's take groups singing in order to gether to secure the world while Erina Fitzgibbons gave us the Celestial satellite Stroll. The major films had been The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Smith and also the Lost Arc, Crocadile Dundee as well as Returning to the long run. Regrettably we had to say excellent simply by to be able to Steve Lennon who was gunned down within Ny not to mention pro-democracy protestors died with Tiananmen Sq .. The actual Eighties furthermore saw the rise as well as rise associated with Music cds and also the initial recording actually launched had been Billy Joel's Violin Man in The 80's. I think it is possible to reckon that Terrell Suggs jersey the greatest marketing Dads Day time gift ideas 1n the actual 1980's have been music Compact disks. The first zillion duplicate vendor had been Serious Straites - Brothers within Arms in 85.
Roll around the 40's as well as a decade consumed simply by The second world war. Motion pictures were very big inside the Forties and possibly one of the best movies of them all came into being in 1942, that might overlook Casablanca? Lego have been granted their particular first patents in the 1940 and intensely remain proceeding robust nowadays. The most used Dad's Evening gifts inside the 40's were the particular candy package. Beautifully introduced lolly options inside a box that may be easily sent in order to anywhere in the world.
The actual 50's thankfully observed no more Term War A couple of but we all in no way discover, we were on war again, now within South korea. The particular Fifties needless to say is most popular for your creation of stone 'n' roll (Good friend Carol, The Big Bopper, Arthur Cash). Movies had been once again very popular as well as observed the particular emergance regarding a number of the greats such as David Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley as well as Lana turner just to name some. Yet most likely the smartest thing to leave the50's would have to become TV. Movies and television produced all of us more aware of style and with cigarette smoking being very popular referring as not surprising how the most favored Dad's Day presents in the1950's were matches, water lines and cigarette.
Another ten years commences and we will need to hold out and find out what are the very best Dads Day time presents tend to be for your many years This year : 2020
Possessing made it to the subsequent milenium minus the aeroplanes falling out in clumps of the sky with the Y2K insect we didn't have to hold out that long before aeroplanes did fallout of the skies upon June 11 2001 with all the Enemy Assaults in the united states which transformed the reality over night. Suffering and pain dominates the actual 00's as we all recall the massive toll in the Indian Marine Tsunami. Some beneficial things Brian Cushing jersey took place even though, we saw the very first African american Chief executive of america chosen and the huge operation that's the John Knitter Films. Musically we heard Robbie Williams and also Britney Speares so we dropped connect line and also sinker for actuality television. Think about it, that is at fault? The largest Father's Day time presents because of this 10 years is without question the particular gizmo. Cellphones, hands pilots, Gps device, electronic digital consumer electronics this list really is limitless.
The 1990 noticed the start of globalisation using the creation from the European after comunisum hit bottom across Europe using the late the actual Germany Wall within 1990. The actual decade began together with functioning Desert Surprise, the internet was expanding as well as the planet even as understood it was rapidly changing. The brits were required to fight off Mad Cow illness while Lorena Bobbit took ferocious vengeance (google this if you want more info). Nirvana, Alanis Morissettet and also Sinead O'Connor were producing the majority of us extremely stressed out, so much in fact that individuals considered alcoholic beverages. The most used Dads Day time presents inside the 90's had been wines as well as whisky packages. In order to negative no person told my children!

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