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August 24, 2010


farmer Mark

Wonderful to see you're back, Bustard, and taking an intelligent position no less. It's too bad the proposed project has no money, because it would be an asset to downtown, and most of us who live here (including we who lived through 9/11) welcome it. That's what's most infuriating -- that the busybodies of Wasilla and McLean, who in every other context proclaim their devotion to local control and opposition to meddling from Washington, are busy meddling from Washington to stop a project that a local community and most of our elected representatives fully support.

There is much shame to go around. How is it that Orrin Hatch could be so much more right than Harry Reid? How could Sheldon Silver, who faces down all sorts of controversy with equanimity, wimp out and suggest moving the project because it's "controversial"? How could even the progressive candidates for Attorney General in NY be promising to investigate the finances of a religious institution that has not been credibly accused of any acts warranting such targeted oppression?

Despite all the demagoguing and the ridiculous poll results, I do think the voices of tolerance and respect for constitutional freedoms are beginning to prevail in this debate.

Keep posting please!

Farmer Mark


Thanks Farmer Mark - and all of the points which you added are entirely valid. Especially so - remembering what you, personally, lost on 9/11.

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