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March 21, 2008



McCain is on a diplomatic oddesy meeting with new Democracies in the Middle East and Kings in ancient counties and the new British Prime Minister and the new Pro American leader in France. Osama is defending his crazy old 'uncle' which will be played 10,000 times during the general and Hillary is desperately trying to steal votes in Michigan and Florida. (Have a familiar ring?) Dems always do this to themselves. I have said here a dozen times that they are fatally flawed and are not electable. Oh well, at least tome more terrorists are going to be sent to Cancun.


Thanks for the comment, and it's true that you have warned a dozen times that McCain will be the next warmongerer in chief. I fear that you are right - and understand that Bush & Co will bomb Iran if that is what's necessary to prolong their rule. Our Democracy is frequently flawed - on that we can agree.


I know that you are anti war and that's fine. The country needs the balance.

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