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January 09, 2008



Hast thou soured on the brilliant Ms. Doud? She reminds me of a bad prom date after the Qualude has kicked in. Attractive in an odd sort of way, yet you hand her off to someone else to take home 'cause you just can't tolerate all the drama.


Great Analogy - let's hope that we are all getting tired of politics of the personal that she personifies.


Great Analogy - let's hope that we are all getting tired of politics of the personal that she personifies.


My wife inquired about the well being of Mesdames this evening and sends along her very best. Her name pops up frequently here.

We have a friend who raises lamb in central Ohio and he has developed, through selective crossbreeding, a new breed that he is satisfied with. It tastes like no lamb you have ever had in your life. Additionally, he butchers at about half the traditional weight. So an entire rear leg weighs only about 6 pounds or so. It is succulent beyond belief. I have two lambs in the freezer now. So tell her that when the two of you drop by, we will feast like it were biblical times. Lamb and wine and bread. (we often bake our own bread) I am making myself hungry.


We stopped by the Carnegie deli for lunch a week or so ago and I was lucky enough to find a parking place right in front. When we left, heading south, we immediately passed the Stage and it look dramatically different to me. Have they done something there?

Tim Harris

I am glad you had a go at Andrew Sullivan. I have tried hard, for various reasons I shan't go into, to feel a little respect for the man,but about the only feeling I have come to have for him is a sort of tired and sickened contempt. He can at times, when he has the moderate mask he puts on to appear responsible and attractive, write moderately intelligently about things, but there is something very unpleasant at his heart which is readily exposed when his mask slips, as it regularly does when he discusses Hillary Clinton, among other things: something infantile and irredeemably silly, and no less poisonous for being infantile and silly. I don't usually like referring to 'whited sepulchres', but Sullivan's complaining about other people's honesty, or lack of it, makes we want to. He is neither honest not honourable.

anonymous progressive

whatever. Maureen Dowd has a far, far better head on her shoulders than Gloria Steinem does.

Watch what happens if Hillary wins the nomination. All that energy you see behind the Democratic turnout?

Poof. Gone. You heard it here first.

Manythanks to Tim Harris -his analysis of Sullivan is perfect. Those rare occassions on which the columnst writes intelligently only raise the hope that he'll do so again - hopes which he immediately dashes.
Thanks also to AM - but I disagree about Dowd - Steinem's writing over the years is far more impressive than the one note of Dowd.
By the way, because I thought MoDo's column was despicable, does not mean I'm a supporter of Hillary. I'm still pretty open about this. I hope you're wrong if in fact she's the nominee, I'd think that the Bush years would be enough to motivate, but I'll remember where I heard it first.

Above from the Bustard


Rick - thanks for your support - Mme Bustard is at my side as I write this, waiting to get some chemo this afternoon. She's feeling really well, and her CA125 has fallen a lot. She really appreciates your comments, and is about ready to hop in the car for some bread and wine, and lamb.

If you had stayed on 7th, and looked up to your left when you were exactly two miles south of the Stage, you would have seen some Christmas lights shining along a balcony railing. As always, Mme Bustard thought me ridiculous for putting them up.

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