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December 20, 2007



The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 was established to protect the identities of covert operators in the intelligence community. The Attorney General recused himself and Fitzgerald was brought in to investigate the matter. His first morning on the job he was informed that the source of the information was Richard Armitage at State. That left open the matter of whether or not Armitage violated the law. Was she covert? It makes no matter whether Hayden says she is covert or not. It is whether or not she is covert as defined by the act. End of assignment, right? Well, not really. It predictably became a political firestorm and Fitzgerald morphed (as they all do) into a fire breather looking to make his ‘bones’ by taking down somebody large. From the day he found out it was Armitage, his actions became criminal. Novak “Googled” her name. She was in Who’s Who in Washington. She was in the CIA phone directory. Libby thought he heard from Russert. Russert told FBI investigators that he might have told Libby or that he might not have told him. He said he had no specific recollection. Those statements were in the FBI report. At the trial he recanted. Andrea Mitchell said numerous times that it “was widely known that Plame worked for the CIA”. She also recanted at the trial. Nobody wanted to go to jail. So, Fitzgerald dragged people before his grand jury until there was contradiction which he could call lying and obstruction and he charged Libby and juries do crazy things. (See O. J. Simpson.) The jury foreman said that they did not understand why Libby was charged. They (speaking for the jury) thought that Cheney should have been tried. So why did they convict Libby? Because they could not get to Cheney. So they also violated their sworn duty. Justice is quite odd. That’s why nobody wants to go to trial. Fitzgerald was on the hunting trip of a lifetime and Libby was the only one he could put in his crosshairs. No my friend, Libby through no sand in the umpires face. Twas the umpire throwing the sand. And, Libby is justly not in jail and will make more money lobbying than practicing law. And Plame will sell a few of her books and she is a pretty woman and probably very bright and she should choose a non a--hole for her next husband.


What did the main doctor say today? Something positive I pray.

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So, if I understand you correctly, it all worked out perfectly, except that the only non-lawbreaker was Irve Libby, the most innocent man alive.
The meeting with the doctor was not terribly informative - and Mme is remaining on the same chemo cocktail for the next four weeks, as there is a chance that it is keeping the cancer stable.
Hoping that you're having a fantastic Christmas -

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