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November 29, 2007



So then; when Republican candidates debate, why not just allow Obama and Clinton to ask the questions? What could possibly be wrong with that? You are aware that when presidential candidates debate they are not permitted to ask each other questions? It is against the rules. Why? Because a debate is seeking value neutral questions. A clever questioner can ‘tee’ up the questions to suit their position. Fortunately, none of the questioners were clever on Wednesday night, so, no harm no foul.

CNN has a long history of distain for value neutral questions. In the late 90s they reported that a CNN/Times poll showed that 64% of Americans were opposed to impeachment of the President. They actually reported that as ‘news’. What did they forget to mention? The polling question was; “Do you favor impeachment of the President considering the current volatility of the stock market?” So, they were really asking two questions. 1. Do you favor impeachment? 2. Do you want the stock market to go down? DUH!!

Defending CNN is always going to make one look foolish. Don’t climb in the same foxhole with those folks. Trust me.


Yes, but unlike that polling example, at the debate everyone knew what the questions were--We saw them being asked and could easily make our own decisions about them. It's hilarious to see all these right wingers complain about something being unfair (Fox news? Swift Boats, anyone?). If you can't handle the hot lights, get off the stage. You'll get much tougher, more "unfair" questions when you're trying to govern, negotiate with foreign leaders, get us out of this war, etc. (Although I hope that job falls to the other team!) I think the Republicans need to stop whining, accept responsibility for their performance, and grow up!


It's called 'disclosure'. It's a fundamental of journalism. It's as fundamental as truth. This is very simple stuff and not difficult to follow. You defend the indefensible. Not ever very wise.


And the Swift Boat thing? You have just never bothered to think it through.


Thanks a lot for the comments. I do not intend to get into the foxhole with CNN, but like Claudia I am sick at the constant whining by the right. These are grown men (except Rudi, of course) who knew what they were getting themselves into. If CNN has such along and obvious history on 'value neutral" questions, why did the Republican candidates lack the courage to refuse the invitation? Your argument only adds to my conviction that no one in the Republican field has the integrity that we'll need after Bush.
The lack of disclosure is a valid complaint, but but still not an excuse for the caterwauling on the right.


Refusing to debate on a network is not courageous. It is the opposite. And, I am not arguing anything. Not one person complained about the questions. Failure to disclose is not ethical journalism. You know; it's not about the sex it's about lying under oath. Same kinda deal.

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