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November 27, 2007



Did I read this right? You called Atlas Shrugs an anti-Semitic anti-American traitor? I'm confused, right?


Actually that's not what I meant, but now that I think about it....

What I meant to say was that if you were to argue that there is a civil war in Iraq, she would call you an anti Semitic, anti-American traitor.
I do think she is not helpful to Israel's interests.


Thanks for clearing that up. I don't know why she would call someone saying there is not a civil war in Iraq an anti-Semite though.

FYI. When I check the little box 'remember personal info', it never remembers.


Everyone who does not agree with her 100% is by definition an anti-semite, and to suggest that there is a civil war in Iraq is to suggest that something might be going wrong with our policy in Iraq, which makes you worse than Hitler.
Thanks for the FYI - I'll check into it
Thanks for your comments

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