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October 04, 2007



You seem to reside in some ivory tower somewhere. Have you ever lived and tried to operate in the Middle East? I've lived in three countries, speak excellent Arabic & read it better.

Your sophomoric post insults real Americans like Crittendon & Goldfarb and praises obnoxious little Boy George wannabes like Sullivan & yourself.


Thanks for reading. It's great that you can define who is a real American. I guess the General who was at war, and wrote to the enemy general that "Not only your Officers, and Soldiers have been treated with a Tenderness due to Fellow Citizens, & Brethren; but even those execrable Parricides [traitors] whose Counsels & Aid have deluged their Country with Blood, have been protected from the Fury of a justly enraged People."
He's not just talking Soldiers either - he's also talking traitors who deluged the country in blood. That little Boy George Wannabe was of course George Washington, and he wrote this Aug 19, 1775. But then you and your beloved Boy George Bush know better.

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