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October 23, 2007



Of course, the real story is that an American helicopter killed no civilians whatsoever. The principle of sanctuary is as old as civilization and warfare. Warriors don paint or feathers or red coats or you choose the adornment, not as decoration, but to say to their enemies "I am your target in this fight and those not dressed like me are innocents. They then hide their women and children and elderly in the fruit cellar and march out to face the enemy in an attempt to provide sanctuary for their loved ones. These cowardly bastards (who the good Senator Kennedy has described as Minutemen, proving that he is as good at judging human character as he is at driving a 1969 Oldsmobile) we now face in the sand, do not adhere to this timeless principle. They hide in ambush, then when discovered, retreat seeking sanctuary amongst their innocents, killing them in the process. The folks planting the roadside bombs killed the civilians, not an American helicopter. Arafat retreated across the Jordan in the early seventies wearing a bhurka. A man's man indeed.

Just to clean up old business, if civilians died at the hands of Blackwater, it was for similar reasons. If Blackwater kills ya, they had no other option.

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