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July 03, 2007



Wilson was completely discredited by the 9 / 11 commission. He is a fraud. Plame recently lied under oath before Congress. Not disagree with lie, but the real deal. She testified that she had “nothing to do with Wilson’s assignment to Niger”. There are documents of recommendation from her urging that her husband be given the assignment. They were a Washington wanna be, party goin couple looking for attention and they got it. Armitage at State told Novak about Plame. Fitzgerald knew that the first day on the job. Andrea Mitchell said that it was common knowledge that Plame was with the agency. She was routinely introduced by Wilson as such. Mitchell simply recanted. Russert told the F. B. I. he could not recall whether or not he had discussed Plame with Libby. On the stand, he recanted. He said he could not recall making that statement to the bureau.

Libby does not need a pardon as the conviction will never stand the scrutiny of appeal. To call the case a farce is kindness. The politics of the prosecutor and which President appointed the judge are so far from relevant that it is embarrassing to ponder.



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