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June 23, 2007



Since tax cuts ALWAYS, without exception, result in increased revenues. There is more money available for veterans. Your new congress needs to get to work and send legislation to the President for his signature. I'd be upset with them too, if I were you. No? And, you do mean Chet Edwards? (small detail) Just a wild guess here, but I don't think Bush will be voting for any Democrat in Texas 17th. Mentioning Crawford though, adds a nice touch.


I wouldn't bet too heavily on who Bush will vote for in 2008 - he's already getting pretty beaten up for his immigration position, and still to come is the massive desertion by the GOP because of the fiasco in Iraq.
To be honest, I don't understand this economy. I keep thinking that the two deficits (trade and spending) have to catch up with us, but it never seems to happen.


I don’t think there is any economist that understands economies. The best book I have ever read on economies was written by P. J. O’Rourke and is called “Eat the Rich”. I recommended the book to a friend, who is an economics professor here at the University, and he said it was the best that he’d ever read.

Trade deficits are painted as disastrously ugly, but is not necessarily so. The next time you are in China, examine items for sale and see if you find much that is made in the
U. S. A. Then turn everything over the next time you are in a Cracker Barrel. (or any place else for that matter) Wealthier nations are always consumers of goods and products of nations that are less wealthy. It is an indication that the market has positive wealth. It is really quite simple. I do not understand why trade deficits are used as a hammer of fear or if it even works. You’ll never hear anyone articulating why it is bad.

Baby back ribs slow cooking on the grill today slathered with my wife’s home made barbecue sauce. I’ll cook them six hours or so at 200 degrees of indirect heat. Just enough time for you and Mesdames to pop by.


I would really like to see more of the pics from your India trip. Did you ever post more?


I've been delinquent in my India Photo's, and I'll definitely do better in the coming week.
Sitting in New York, hearing of barbecue - it's close to cruel. At the end of next week. we'll be spending more time out of town, and I'll burn chicken on the grill as well as the next weekend warrior.
Buen Provecho

Farmer Mark

Would Rick be interested in ribs from our Ossabaw / Tamworth cross pigs?

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