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June 19, 2007


Farmer Mark

You've got Rudy dead to rights, but how do you account for his ongoing success in the Republican polls, particularly with a base that should be very uncomfortable with so much of his history and very fluid standards? I don't get it. I'm afraid we're missing something. If it comes down to a contest between the unlikable Rudy and the unlikable Hill, is he going to pull it off? Oy


Rudy is perceived as a tough street guy who is ready to fight. While Americans do not like the mounting casualties in Iraq, most still understand that we are in a horrific fight.


Thanks for the response - As the Republicans get to know him (and the current wife), his numbers will change.
He is perceived as a tough guy because the President and Vice-P{resident were so grossly incompetent on 9/11. America needed a hero and those two were AWOL (as usual). So the mantle fell upon Rudy. He never deserved it, and it will gradually turn to dust.
As the towers fell, Rudy kept the Commissioner of Police by his side, turning him into his personal bodyguard and personally escort him as he ran away from the Towers.


F M makes a perfectly legitimate and honest observation when he says that he fears he is missing something (re Rudy). Of course he doesn't get it. I don't get the appeal for H. Clinton. I simply offer up how I believe him to be thought of on the right. Your observations about the President and Vice President being awol on 9/11 are irrelevant and sort of bush league if you don't mind me saying. Much of what you say about Rudy and his past are dead on. I have a great deal of discomfort with some (nearly all) of his shenanigans.

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Nothing amazing in this. Nor is there anything amazing in Power line’s defense of his behavior.

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