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June 21, 2007



Please not that I did not call Carter an anti Semite. I simply stated that he is regarded as one. Pat Buchanan, likewise, is regarded the same. To not recognize this is to be in denial.

What articles of the Geneva Conventions has Israel been violating for 40 years? Please enlighten me. You may have a scoop here.

Israelis always disagreed on the ‘settlements’. Friedman has drawn his own conclusions on the matter. If one looks at the situation with an ounce of objectivity, there is a very rational and straightforward argument to be made that Gaza and the West Bank is occupied Israel. You should not be surprised that many Israelis hold that view. Some Israelis disagree with their own governments positions while other Israelis regard this flood of new Arabs claiming to be Palestinians, as nothing more than ‘squatters’.

East Jerusalem is occupied? The ancient capital dating back to David was taken from the Israelis fair and square and when the Israelis wrested it back it was not fair and square? You have sided with the Starbucks bombers and the kidnappers and beheaders. I have not.

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