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June 04, 2007



You declare Iraq to be a failure because you desire it to be so. In that the outcome is unknown, there can be no other explanation. The outcome in Iraq will not be known for years, or perhaps, decades. Why do you cheer for this defeat? How is it better for your politics? I am utterly stupefied. Hate this President as much as you wish. It's a free country. How does hatred for this administration square better with a defeat. I desired no defeat in Kosovo.

You use the words racist and lie so routinely that they have been devalued. A liar is one who disagrees with your views. A racist is a name you call people. You use it so frequently that it is similar in value to 'dork'. You called me a racist once for reasons that left me puzzled. I did not realize at the time that you meant dork.


Thanks greatly for your comments about Mme. Bustard = I Didn't know her in 11th grade, but we've been together a long time.

Unfortunately I lack the ability to see into the future and know what will happen. All I can do is to use the best information I have on hand to honestly analyze a situation. In the last few decades, Japan has enjoyed a peace and prosperity without parallel in its history. Still, if you had telegraphed me on August 15, 1945 and asked what I thought of their decision to bomb Pearl Harbor, I would have shot back a one word, FR, cable "disastrous."
Calling Iraq a failure gives me no joy. None. It is not an outcome that I desire. It is a conclusion that I am sad to make.
One of the many reasons that I am crazy on the subject of lies in politics is that reasonable policy debate is destroyed by them. A couple of years ago, some of my friends who thought Iraq a mistake still worried that we could not simply pick up and leave. The neverending lies from Bush/Cheney ended that conversation.
Racism is a fact in today's United States, and especially a fact in the Republican Party. We've been over this before, and I still await your explanation of how one can conclude that Reagan's mad dash to Philadelphia MS to speak of States Rights was anything but an appeal to racists.

One thing you're not: A Dork.

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