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May 29, 2007



I find no disagreement with a single word here.
How is Mesdames? Please give her my regards.

I attach here a "jingoistic" response to a previous post.

During the 1960s there was a foreign policy known as the ‘domino effect in Southeast Asia.’ It was argued that if South Vietnam fell to the aggression of the north then the rest of Southeast Asia would fall in a communist flood and the genocide which always occurs as communist systems take route would predictably happen. Congress defunded a war where we had not lost a single encounter with the enemy. We withdrew and nearly 2 million civilians were slaughtered as communism took hold in the vacuum our departure created. That is no longer theory, but historical fact. We have that blood on our hands and you view the whole concept as jingoism. Most peculiar. My life long friend (all right, half a lifetime) fled Saigon with his parents and brother and sister in 1975. He returned twenty years later and was unable to locate any family members. No grandparents; cousins; aunts or uncles; nobody; all gone! The history of Vietnam was written by folks who did not agree with the war and that is all that Americans know.

The history of the war in Iraq is being written by folks who dislike the war. There is this presumption that there are more deaths and suffering today than there were when Sadam had his foot on the country’s throat. That is simply an extrapolated guess by those who oppose the war. In the ‘good old days’, Sunnis were slaughtering Shiites and Kurds. Today it is the Shiites slaughtering Sunnis. Is it a comfort to know that a terror harboring, brutal thug slaughtering his own population, is in power as long as the American press is not there? You have chosen to believe that which the media is spoon feeding over that which our own soldiers on the ground are saying. The war with Islamic terrorism is in Iraq. Some year it will be elsewhere. But not today. I would be a fool to not recognize that there are other historic side fightings and blood feuds in play. I mention Lebanon only to illustrate this. You are aware that Syria claims Lebanon? That’s a small matter. Fundamental Islamists claim Spain and much of Europe which they believe was rudely denied during their early expansion.

Communism was the enemy during the 20th century. They spread their politics via civilian slaughter. Islamic fundamentalism is the enemy of this century. We are the ‘bad guys’ in neither case.


Thanks for your concern about Mme Bustard. Her status at this point is "virtual remission" - the chemo was not completely successful, and there's still a measurable tumor. She's been on a hormonal med for the last two months, and on Monday gets another CT scan to see if things are growing or shrinking. But she is working full time, and is getting back her eyebrows, so she's thrilled about that.
Thanks also for agreeing with me -
I agree that we have blood on our hands for our behavior in Viet Nam. And that we are getting more blood on our hands every day in Iraq.


I say a prayer for your wife Bustard. You have never said wife, but no matter. To have a good wife is like winning the lottery every day. I married my high school sweetheart from the 11th grade and I cannot imagine life without her.

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