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May 27, 2007



The laffer Post article is a great send-up of the subservient WaPo stance toward Clonetonocracy coming in the near future. Balz is one of the Clintons' teaboys in the MSM. The book was leaked by an agitprop expert named Wolfson just before Memorial Day weekend to the pro-Hillary/Billy Jeff WaPo to deaden any media impact. Very clever, and this is the follow-up piece to confirm the well-researched and very insightful books as being irrelevant. The Clinton, Inc. machine rattles on, determined to deprive the American sheeple of their basic rights.


Thanks for the comment - I wonder what are those basic rights that Clinton so wantonly wants us deprived of.
I have seen no evidence that either of the books were well-researched, or very insightful and so must ask what you have seen.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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