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November 27, 2006



To the very fine and lovely Ms. Bustard.
My wife's longtime best friend was diagnosed as a very young woman in 1975 and given something less than five years. Since then the two of them have been to Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, get the point. This fall the pair drove around New England viewing the fall foliage and tasting wine and getting into mischief I am not sure the details of which I care to know. I refer to them as Thelma and Louise when they are on such escapades. Do not allow despair to grip you as it will try to do. The light at the other end is brighter than ever. My thoughts are with you.


I am really grateful for your kindness. More than two eyes welled up this morning.
Mme Bustard was really touched, and she probably won't let me argue with you again!

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