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September 20, 2006



You are making a big mistake by criticizing Lord Carey's speech. read the speech in full please. Ed made the same error you did by only looking at a few quotes of what was a very detailed speech.


Thanks - I'll do so. I based my comments only on Ed's reporting of it.


I've been unable to find the full text of the speech. Can anyone help?


Your “Brief History of the World part 2” is an interesting mishmash indeed. It is most curious that you choose to begin Middle Eastern history with Islamic conquest. Jews were conquered by Rome centuries earlier and, for the most part, sold into slavery throughout the known world. The tiny remnants of their culture and civilization would be swallowed by rampaging Islamic armies and you are fine with that? At about the same time (711) their armies invaded southern Europe. They were defeated at Tours by Charles Martel (whom I consider heroic for saving western civilization and you may criticize for opposite reasons) in 732 AD. They would infest Europe until they were expelled by Ferdinand in 1492. Your logic could quite easily call much of southern Europe “occupied Muslim land”. Is that too ridiculous to ponder?

The Inquisitions were a horrific, inexcusable time. The crusades were a military response to the onslaught of the sword of Islam in both the east and the west. It was the strategy employed by Rome to rid itself of Hannibal in the 2nd century BC. They struck Carthage so that the Carthaginians would recall their general from the Italian peninsula. It was the same strategy Europe would have employed against the Mongols were they able to do so. To swallow the Crusades as Catholic adventurism is beyond silly. Oddly enough, the grandson of the great Khan would burn Baghdad to the ground and kill every citizen giving no other reason but that they “were just so arrogant”. A trait, I suspect, you may now attribute to your own country.

While suicide bombing is a rather recent phenomenon, it is ridiculous to suggest it was not part of Sadam’s motus operindi. Not only did he reward the families of suicide bombers from Gaza, but he displayed videos of entire brigades of “suicide bombers for Sadam” for the entire world to witness. Do you simply not recall? Mr. Pape’s assertion that he had any knowledge of what did or did not happen inside the closed society that was Iraq prior to 2003 is foolish.

“This crash between civilizations, if it is one, is entirely the fault of our President.”

Where have you been? What can you be thinking?

Perhaps your party can support a candidate that can be elected in 2008 and this clash between civilizations, which, if I read your words correctly, you believe began in January 2001, will reach a sudden and peaceful solution.

I, however, realize that Islam was spread at the point of a sword, and will be settled at the barrel of an Abrams M1 A1.

A slight difference of opinion, no?


Rick, thanks for the comment -although your "History of the World" seems to be even more incoherent than mine.
I do not argue for destroying tiny remnants of Jewish culture. I merely point out that people from Pennsylvania, for example, seem much more willing to offer up land that had been in Arab hands for far longer than their own ancestors have occupied the Keystone State.

Serious surgey tomorrow for my beloved probably means some scanty posting - but I do thank you for your loyal commentary.

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