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June 06, 2006



The solution is so obvious that it escapes you Skippy. Liberal elites can simply leave their entire estates to government. This will spare the rest of us a forcible rape and will legitimize that feeling of "moral superiority" that you folks hold so dear.

I had mentioned previously that Memorial Day and Veterans Day provide exquisite examples of the left's lack of appreciation. I neglected to mention D-Day. Not to worry though, you came through with colors flying.


The repeal of the estate tax would create a permanent oligopoly in this country--an elite class based on inheritance not merit. It is anti-democratic and an idea that should be rejected. The people who are running this country want to perpetuate their rule, and poor innocents like Rick get some sort of vicarious pleasure from supporting them--as if he had the money and power of those he worships. It's akin to the fans' adoration of movie stars and sports stars--trying to appropriate the success of others to build up oneself. Rick and his kind, power worshippers all, get ripped off by those he supports day after day. Kind of sad, isn't it?


It is sad.
And it is beyond sad to compare taxing an estate to forcible rape. I understand that his having been born outside of this country makes it difficult for Rick to absorb our cultural norms. Duty demands that I inform him that that while necrophilia might be considered chic in some Republican circlesin which he moves, it is not part of the mainstream culture.

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