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June 30, 2006



What was the "October Surprise"?


I just posted a link to an article from 1999 about Osama bin Laden and assorted jihad militant groups associated with him. (I know that's too far back in history for anyone in this administration to look, but I found it on the internet so how difficult could it be?)

It's as reasonable to believe all the terrorists left Pakistan in 2001 as it is to believe the U.S. has no violent crime simply because it's against the law. And I seem to remember something about the U.S. supporting Saddam Hussein at one time, I wonder if they looked into that?

I guess in about 20 years President Jenna Bush will attack Pakistan and overthrow that "axis of evil".


Thanks greatly for your comment. I was actually just writing a post asking again what we are doing arming Pakistan, especially if the preliminary reports about who is to blame for Mumbai.
Does Jenna precede or follow Jeb's son George P., one of the "brown Bush's." in the White House?


Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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