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December 30, 2005



Several hundred U.S. troops were rousted out of bed before 5:30 A.M, so that our President could be photographed serving a "Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner" to them at 6:00 AM. (I thought Dinner was traditionally served later in the day, but I'm not a Bush) And of course the Turkey was plastic.

I see the liberal War on Truth goes on. Maybe you can explain to us how they had a Thanksgiving dinner with President Bush at 6:00 AM when he didn't arrive there until 5:31 PM? Just check Drudge and CNN. The turkey in question was a centerpiece.

Here's what was on the menu: boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce, roast turkey and cranberry sauce, baked ham, prime rib of roast, glazed Cornish hen, sweet potatoes, buttered mash potatoes, savory bread dressing and corn bread dressing, turkey gravy, buttered corn on the cob, seasoned green beans; pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, apple and cherry pie; assorted candies and nuts; assorted salads; assorted breads and rolls; sparkling grape wine; eggnog and assorted beverages. On the table were non-alcoholic malt brew and sparking grape juice.

Of course you're just pissed because the troops were all excited about Bush being there. Conversely, the troops avoided Hillary, who made them wait in the chow line for 2 hours until she decided to show up.


Your novel moves along swimmingly. Another chapter put to bed. Kudos to you.


Sorry that I am not able to respond more fully, but Verizon has crossed my wires.
Supposedly I'll be back on line tomorrow.

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