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April 10, 2007



Israel Does not Want Peace

I am doomed to never comprehend the depth nor the origins of anti Semitism in western culture.


I take no small amount of offense myself, and the Israeli Mr Levy probably does as well. Because I, like many people I know in Israel, think that the Likud way of proceeding is wrong does not make me an anti-semite. Because I disagree with Bush's behavior in Iraq does not make me anti-American. I think that the existence of most of the settlements is dangerous for Israel - but I don't call those who disagree with me anti Semitic.
You certainly can disagree and argue that at I am wrong, but why do you feel the need to up the ante? I guess I am doomed to never comprehend why I cannot be wrong without also being evil.



I did not intend for it to be personal. Please do not take offense. However, that which I stated could not be any more true.

We're to blame for high blood pressure in the black community?? Puleeease. How can you keep a straight face?

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