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November 30, 2006



There will be no Israel when Greater Arabia crushes the tiny miracle in the desert and puts all Jews to the sword. Pressure Israel? Indeed! One cannot negotiate a peace with an enemy who does not desire peace. There will however, be peace when one side is utterly crushed militarily by the other and is forced to capitulate. Sadly, you cannot find an example of peace that was achieved by any other means in this planet's history, no matter how warm and fuzzy the alternative may "feel".


Would that the world were so simple. You ask for examples. Should I start with what was the earliest for us, or with the most recent? Would you call England "utterly crushed" after our War of Independence? Which was "utterly crushed" by our experiment in Indo-China: The United States or North Vietnam?


If you do not believe the British suffered a crushing defeat in the Americas, you are utterly alone. Bully for us that we had no territorial desires.

Vietnam is another matter entirely. Hanoi did have territorial designs on the south as you very well know. The south suffered a CRUSHING defeat and between one and two million folks were put to the sword (depending on what numbers you may want to believe)as communists took power in South Vietnam and Cambodia. A perfect example of that to which I refer.

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