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September 13, 2006



If I remember right, Bustard, the Bushies think they make reality. They don't relate to it, they create it, and those of us in the pathetic reality-based community are losers. Trouble is the Bushie's are really bad at making reality, witness Brownie's "heck of a job." Bigger trouble, in the long run reality bites back and it won't just be the Bushies being bit.


Praise for Castro?? All that which has been murky is suddenly clarified. You wear your colors well komrad.


Please - there is no need to label me, even though the right will never tire of suggesting that those of us on the left are commies. In no way do I praise Castro. I do find it pretty sad that a guy like Castro, like Castro, is more informed and realistic when it comes to International Affairs than the cadre of morons running our government.


Fair enough.

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