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June 26, 2006



You folks rail at the supposed exposure of a CIA analyst who turned out not to be undercover at all; who's husband openly bragged that his wife was "with the agency". You go nuclear to protect a Washington "party goin wanna be power couple". Then the spiraling towards total irrelevance, New York Times reports a top secret operation aimed at disrupting an enemy's capabilities during a time of war and you leap to it's defense? Strange ducks you elites.

And you believe Rove leaked the story to the Times?? You have to cease this kind of folly or you will never be taken seriously again. You are only a half step away from believing the towers were hit be a joint effort between us and the Israelis and that the pentagon was struck by a missile.

And the homosexual thing? When you place your tongue in your cheek, you must be less subtle or it does not work.

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