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December 09, 2005



you raise an interesting question, bustard: SHOULD we be civil? is the killing in iraq civil? is the torture of prisoners civil? is the destruction of americans' faith in government, in morality, in the rule of law--is all this CIVIL? of course, just because the actions and policies of our government (and many who support it) are decidedly NOT civil, doesn't mean we should sink to their level, but maybe it IS the only way to be heard. WHY be civil when you are OUTRAGED?

John Cook

I have to agree with Claudia here. It seems the right is all of a sudden concerned with civility. I wonder why that is? One suspects because they are in the kitchen and can't stand the heat. I continue Claudia's thought. Was the right civil during Clinton's impeachment? Was the right civil while denegrating John Kerry's Vietnam record? Did Tom Delay get his nickname "the hammer" by being civil?

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